Half-Body Fan-Beam System measurement of bone density, world's smallest DEXA fan beam system. 

Bone densitometer type : DEXA

Beam Shape : Fan beam 

EXCELLUS is a half body Fan Beam Dual X-ray Absorptiometry(DXA), which is designed under the new concept of a body composition analyzer capable of measuring the BMD(Bone Minerai Density) and analyzing a half body composition.

Measurement of bone density on femur, LWS and forearm in less than 30 seconds per measuring range

• LVA (Lateral Vertebral Assesment) for the detection of lateral vertebral body fractures

• Half-body analysis (measurement time 5 minutes)

• Orthopaedic function for the detection of hip prostheses

• Pediatric function to measure bone density in children

Technical details:

Dimensions: 190 x 80 x 123 cm
Weight: 160 kg
Scan type: fan spotlight
LWS: approx. 35 sec.
Femur: approx. 20 sec.
Fore arm: approx. 18 sec.
Half Body: 5 Min.
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Image storage/
Interface: DICOM/PACS

Included are:

- PC
- printer
- mouse, keyboard
- screen
- equipment table
- installation & instruction

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DEXA Bone Densitometer EXCELLUS

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